Speakers at 9/30 Council Meeting

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Speakers at 9/30 Council Meeting

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Per the Memo from the City Clerk that we received last week, law is now advising that continuing with audio testimony is a viable option.

Staff suggests that we can restart this process with our September 30 Council Meeting. Staff further indicates that continuing with remote audio testimony will mean batching of speakers, like we have been doing recently, as the best way to logistically handle speakers. Taking up the speakers during the discussion of a pulled item is challenging when we have remote speakers. But, of course, any Council Member can ask questions of anyone in Chambers during the discussion of an item.

Also, we have been advised that, due the communication and back end management required for remote speakers, it also means closing speaker sign up noon the day before the meeting (for both in person and remote speakers) like we have been during recently.

Therefore, the proposal is that we continue with the speaker process that we used for our July and August meetings.
• Speakers sign up remotely by noon the day before the Council Meeting. Speakers can choose (at sign up) to participate in person or via phone
• Speakers for all items other than zoning items will be taken at 10 am. First we'll take in-person speakers, then remote speakers. Zoning speakers will be taken at or around 2 pm.
• Speakers will get 1-3 minutes each (depending on total number signed up) for all the items the speaker signs up on and we’ll post this after the clerk has the sign-ups as we’ve been doing.

Also, there have been requests to resume in person Proclamations. The Clerk’s office has sent out an email with a plan to resume those with the 9/30 meeting and will be held in the morning before the Council Meeting.

A plan to resume Live Music has not yet been prepared.