Homeless Strategy Office Budget

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Steve Adler
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Homeless Strategy Office Budget

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As we look forward to our work sessions and final budget adoption next week, I look forward to working with each of you and with city staff on the many priorities that the Council has outlined. While this is a challenging budget cycle for many reasons, it is my hope and expectation that we can find funding for key investments for our community at this critical time. I intend to offer an amendment for our Homeless Strategy Office, which is being asked to take on an even larger role of service coordination, community outreach, and contract oversight. Adding staff to this office will help us leverage our existing as well as anticipated investments and best execute the goals set out by the Community Summit to Address Unsheltered Homelessness.

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Re: Homeless Strategy Office Budget

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Thank you for posting this. As I mentioned on Tuesday at Worksession, my office has been working on a budget amendment that addresses funding for the Homeless Strategy Office. As you mention, this office needs to be fully staffed at a level that enables our Homeless Strategy Officer to be successful.

I look forward to working together on this important effort.

Ann Kitchen
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Ann Kitchen
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