Item 4 - Recycling Contract

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Alison Alter
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Item 4 - Recycling Contract

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Dear Colleagues,

I intend to bring forward the below direction for Item 4, which is the negotiation and execution of amended service schedules, including revised pricing and revenue to the City, to the single-stream recycling contracts with Texas Disposal Systems and Balcones Resources.

Item 4 Direction - ALTER
In the negotiation and execution of this contract, the City Manager is directed to:
• Further the city’s zero waste goals and minimize the city’s carbon footprint. As new technologies become available, the City Manager is directed to explore all avenues to recycle most materials from the City of Austin.
• Negotiate terms that provide the best value for Austin’s ratepayers.
• Negotiate terms that allow for stronger proof and transparency that our recyclable materials are being recycled rather than placed in landfills.

I hope there will be little need for discussion on this item. I am pulling it though because I believe with so many items it is good practice to vote on items with amendments or written direction separate from the consent agenda. I would ask that we take this item up quickly just after consent.

Alison Alter
Council Member, District 10