Amendment to Item 29 TOD

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Amendment to Item 29 TOD

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Thank you again to MPT Harper-Madison and her co-sponsors for her resolution recognizing the importance of aligning land use with Project Connect opportunities - and more deliberately planning for growth along the transit corridors (rail, commuter, rapid transit).

I understand that the MPT would like more time for discussion - which will be important for Council to do either today or Thursday.
Attached are my amendments to Item 29, with rationale included - to better explain the changes I believe would be important for a more impactful resolution.

I remain concern that we more quickly align planning for land use with planning for Project Connect. The current growth rate means our city is losing opportunities every day. I remain concerned that the processes are not aligned - especially for areas at risk of gentrification. The Project Connect Contract with the Voters directed a neighborhood-level process for identifying anti-displacement strategies and a Community Advisory Committee charged with review. TOD studies/planning will overlap to some extent (though not completely) with these areas at risk of gentrification. The timing for having these conversations should align.

See proposed amendments here: ... 155634.pdf

I look forward to discussion of the shared goals we all have for TODs. Project Connect light rail, commuter, and bus rapid transit corridors are appropriate and important areas for growth.

Ann Kitchen
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Ann Kitchen
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Natasha Harper-Madison
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Re: Amendment to Item 29 TOD

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Thank you, CM Kitchen.

I believe we were able to incorporate the majority of your proposed amendments. Attached is a document reflecting the amendment language that has been incorporated, including rationale behind any tweaks that was made to proposed language. I've also included an updated draft that reflects those changes, as well as incorporated amendments from CM Tovo. ... 102546.pdf

Updated draft: ... 102830.pdf

Kind Regards,
Natasha Harper-Madison
Council Member District 1
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