Amendment to Item 40

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Alison Alter
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Amendment to Item 40

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Dear Colleagues,

My thanks to Council Member Casar and the other co-sponsors who have worked on this item. Below I have indicated the amendment language I suggest be added to this item. My intention is for us to identify financing for mold remediation and determine the best approach to improve access to those resources.

(Amendment language captured between the asterisks.)

The report shall include:
• a survey of local government regulations, complaint processes, and enforcement practices regarding mold,
• whether specific relocation assistance is provided during mold remediation in other jurisdictions,
• whether the regulations pertain to rental or non-rental properties,
• **what existing resources exist for mold remediation through FEMA or other sources, and**
• recommendations for the City of Austin based on best practices, including which department should enforce mold regulations, **how we can facilitate access to existing resources for financing mold remediation,** and the resources needed to enact the recommendations.

And as noted in work session, I would like to be added as a co-sponsor.

Alison Alter
Council Member, District 10