Item 111 - Framework for American Rescue Plan

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Alison Alter
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Item 111 - Framework for American Rescue Plan

Post by Alison Alter »

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to offer the following amendment to item 111.

Amend the resolution by adding the below:
In implementing the finalized spending framework, the City Manager is directed to deploy the various funding sources in a manner that reserves the most flexible funding sources for purposes that may not fit within the guidelines of more restrictive funds.

I am a co-sponsor on this item and Mayor Adler has indicated that he sees this as a friendly amendment and will incorporate it in a revised version appearing shortly.

Alison Alter
Council Member, District 10
Steve Adler
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Re: Item 111 - Framework for American Rescue Plan

Post by Steve Adler »

Thank you, CM Alter, for your amendment. I appreciate that you raised this issue for the Council at our work session and I support including this language into the resolution. I have prepared a revised version of the IFC that includes this amendment as well as the suggested edits outlined at work session by CM Casar, which I also support: ... 182427.pdf

Ashley Richardson
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Re: Item 111 - Framework for American Rescue Plan

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On behalf of Council Member Tovo:


As discussed during work session and this morning, below is my amendment to Item #111. This will also be circulated via the Agenda Office shortly. Thank you to the Mayor and fellow co-sponsors for their work on this important initiative.

Thank you,

Kathie ... 111946.pdf
Senior Policy Advisor
Office of Kathie Tovo, Council Member District 9
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