Item #67 (Tovo IFC) - Exhibit A

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Ashley Richardson
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Item #67 (Tovo IFC) - Exhibit A

Post by Ashley Richardson »

Dear Colleagues,

Below please find a draft work plan for our proposed Council review of the winter storms and emergency response. I have endeavored to craft an outline that incorporates the primary questions I’ve heard you raise in our previous conversations, as well as those raised by constituents who have written to us over the last month+. I look forward to hearing your additions or proposed revisions.

The topics we could undertake are pretty numerous, so narrowing down to a manageable list has required dropping out some important elements. For example, though I have proposed we explore the community efforts pre- and during the storm related to sheltering operations, I have not scheduled a section focusing on the extensive community initiatives related to *recovery* efforts. We certainly could --

I also look forward to discussing a proposed schedule at today’s work session.

Kathie Tovo

Draft Exhibit A: ... 125551.pdf
Senior Policy Advisor
Office of Kathie Tovo, Council Member District 9
Ann Kitchen
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Re: Item #67 (Tovo IFC) - Exhibit A

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CM Tovo

Thank you for bringing forward this and other resolutions related to the winter storms and emergency response. It is critical that we analyze and learn from this experience, so that our city is better prepared and our citizens are not faced with disruption and safety threats in the future.

The Water Oversight Committee has two upcoming meetings (March 31st and mid-April) at which we will address the winter storm, and will consider the questions you have raised as well as issues identified as part of the first Water Oversight Committee meeting we held on March 3rd.

I would suggest focusing the work session topics on sheltering, food distribution, emergency operations, and related topics. That may be the best way to cover the range of topics - through a combination of the work sessions, the Water Oversight Committee, Austin Energy Committee and Mobility Committee. Each of these Committees have begun addressing winter storm issues.

Best Regards
Ann Kitchen
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Ann Kitchen
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Greg Casar
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Re: Item #67 (Tovo IFC) - Exhibit A

Post by Greg Casar »

CM Tovo,

Thank you for bringing forth this item to help highlight our City's readiness, response, experiences, and learnings during Winter Storm Uri. I believe these conversations are essential to ensure that our City is better prepared to respond to future disasters and focus on saving lives.

I would like to suggest for the following language to be added to the first "Be It Further Resolved" to further elevate the importance of our City's communication efforts during disasters.

"The City's communication and communications strategy internally and externally in advance, during, and after the winter storm through diverse platforms, accessible to a diverse public in light of best practices in emergency management."

Let me know if you and Co-sponsors are amenable to this added language.

Gregorio "Greg" Casar
Council Member District 4
Paige Ellis
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Re: Item #67 (Tovo IFC) - Exhibit A

Post by Paige Ellis »

Colleagues -

I support this item and agree this is a necessary process along with the post-disaster analysis we’ve begun discussing as a Council. I’m most interested in the audit aspect of this - specifically regarding communications and best practices in emergency management - and I appreciate Council Member Casar bringing forward amended language to this effect. I support his amendment.

My other thoughts on this item are that we need to clearly understand:

-What the City Manager is covering with his staff-led and/or consultant-led post-storm analysis

-What the City Auditor can/should focus on in the context of the larger annual Audit Plan and what the Auditor’s Office has capacity to take on– this may be something the Audit & Finance Committee is already thinking about

-What the Council should be focused on in terms of public hearings

-How we handle the community response and ongoing needs

There are many important topics identified in Exhibit A, so I think it would be helpful to have a conversation around who’s tasked with which responsibility and the expected outcomes.

Paige Ellis
Paige Ellis
Council Member, District 8
Kathie Tovo
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Re: Item #67 (Tovo IFC) - Exhibit A

Post by Kathie Tovo »

Here are revised amendments for #67:

Replace lines 34-38 with the following:

The draft work plan appears as Exhibit A; it is Council’s expectation that these sessions will be scheduled as soon as possible for a day-long Special Called meeting or two half-day sessions.

Edit lines 41-43 as follows:

The Auditor shall refine the scope of the audit in coordination with the Council’s Audit and Finance Committee. Topics of interest to the Council for this audit include the following topics:

Edit line 44 and 48 to remove “communications with the public”

Edit line 54 to include the following language
“the City’s internal and external communications and communication strategies as these were deployed in advance, during, and after the winter storm with particular emphasis on the use of diverse platforms and accessibility to a diverse public;” before and [“how the City’s Emergency Operations Center”
Council District 9
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