Item 64 - Resilience Hub Locations

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Paige Ellis
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Item 64 - Resilience Hub Locations

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CM Tovo -

If you still have room, I would love to be added to the list of cosponsors for Item 64. During and after the recent winter storm disaster, Southwest Austin would have benefitted enormously from community resilience hubs such as those proposed in this resolution. The City has a responsibility to continue planning for disaster response, whatever it may be. With climate change happening, it's not a matter of if but when. This kind of creative intergovernmental planning and collaboration is exactly what's needed right now.

I would also suggest, for your consideration, that we add Austin Community College to the list of partner agencies to engage. In some neighborhoods, an ACC facility could potentially serve as a resilience hub, so bringing ACC into the conversations could be beneficial.

Paige Ellis
Council Member, District 8