Framework for American Rescue Plan

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Framework for American Rescue Plan

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Thank you for bringing forward Resolution 111 (Resilient ATC) related to developing a transformational and generational impact for use of the American Rescue Plan funding, on a community wide basis. We have an unprecedented opportunity to come together as a community to use these funds to recover and make a lasting change in our community.

I support this resolution and will add my name as a co-sponsor.

I want to recognize two important provisions in particular:

FIRST: The HEAL Initiative that I sponsored with my cosponsors (Tovo, Pool, Kelly, Renteria) was passed by Council with funding for Phase I - to house individuals living outside in four locations and connect them to services so they can permanently move into safe and stable housing.

HEAL also recognized the need to do much more. I am hopeful that ARA funds can be used to fund additional phases of HEAL and help people move out of encampments throughout the city into permanent housing. What we are doing now is not working - and it is time to make a significant investment in ending homelessness in our community.

SECOND: We need to do everything we can to help local creative venues and restaurants be first in line to apply for and secure federal funding that is becoming available. These businesses are the heart and soul of Austin, and while we have offered some help, it has not been nearly enough to keep our creative community and our restaurants strong.

Again - I think this approach to developing the funding framework for American Rescue Plan. I look forward to co-sponsoring this resolution and receiving a proposed strategic framework from the City Manager in April.

Ann Kitchen
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Ann Kitchen
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