Item 13 - HealthSouth - Motion Sheet

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Lauren Hartnett
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Item 13 - HealthSouth - Motion Sheet

Post by Lauren Hartnett » Tue Jan 26, 2021 6:28 pm

On behalf of CM Harper-Madison:


Tomorrow I intend to bring forward the below motion for Item 13. I think we have the makings of a great project before us, and I thank you all for your collaboration to help make it even better. I'm committed to ensuring we don't leave anything on the table, and welcome additional direction for consideration during the negotiation process.

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I move approval of Item 13 to negotiate and execute an exclusive negotiating agreement with Aspen Heights Partners and to include terms in the eventual Master Development Agreement for the lease and redevelopment of the former HealthSouth tract and to return to Council prior to execution of that Master Development Agreement.

The City Manager should keep council apprised as to the status of the negotiations and return for further direction if substantial concerns arise.
In this negotiation, city staff is directed to explore the inclusion of the following provisions in the terms of the master development agreement:

• Creative methods to free-up funds to provide more on-site affordable housing and/or deeper levels of affordability, such as the reassessment of parking needs and the utilization of tools such as decoupling parking from the residential units;
• Commitment to adhere to the tenant protection provisions within the rental housing development assistance guidelines;
• Programing in a live music venue space that could be leased to live music venue operators, prioritizing operators representing historically disenfranchised musicians;
• The inclusion of high-quality, affordable on-site childcare;
• Alternative cross-subsidizing opportunities in lieu of, or in conjunction with, commercial office tower space; and
• Improved connectivity by taking available opportunities to restore original downtown street grid, and ensuring all public right of way is pedestrian-oriented with ground-level activation.
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