City Council Committees and other designations

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City Council Committees and other designations

Post by Steve Adler » Fri Jan 22, 2021 2:06 pm


At the first Work Session of the year, we are supposed to consider the subject of Council Committees and, at the same time, we’ll also entertain Intergovernmental Committees/Positions. This discussion is posted for the 1/25 Work Session.

As a reminder, per Ordinance 20180510-019:

- Council Members will select the council committees on which they will serve (anyone can choose to serve on any committee).
- If more than five council members desire to serve on any committee, that committee will be a committee of the whole.
- Any Council Member may sit in and participate in any and all committee meetings, even if not a member of the committee.
- The terms are one year, but council may consider changes to council committee membership at any council work session.
- In consultation with the council, I am to designate a chair and vice chair of each council committee
- After the committee selection, I am to file a list of committee membership with the city clerk.

Below are my recommendations for chair and vice chair of each committee. I’ve listed the current committee membership. If anyone wishes to no longer be a member of a committee, or are thinking they’d like to join another committee, please go on the message board (if you know and are able) to better help with planning.

- Audit and Finance Committee – Chair: CM Alter, Vice Chair: CM Pool (current members are Adler, Pool, Tovo, and Alter. I think it would be good if CM Kelly would consider being a member also.) I would like to continue to serve on this Committee.

- Austin Energy Utility Oversight Committee – Chair: CM Pool, Vice Chair: CM Tovo (full Council serves on this Committee)

- Austin Water Oversight Committee – Chair: CM Kitchen, Vice Chair: CM Fuentes (current members are Ellis, Pool, Alter, and Kitchen, to which CM Fuentes would need to be added)

- Health and Human Services Committee – Chair: CM Tovo, Vice Chair: Fuentes (current members are Harper-Madison, Tovo, and Kitchen, to which CM Fuentes would need to be added). I’d like to become a member of this committee also.

- Housing and Planning Committee – Chair: CM Casar, Vice Chair: CM Renteria (current members are Casar, Ellis, Renteria, Harper-Madison, and Kitchen).

- Mobility Committee – Chair: CM Ellis, Vice Chair: CM Kelly (current members are Kitchen, Alter, and Ellis, to which CM Kelly would need to be added.)

- Public Safety Committee – Chair: CM Harper-Madison, Vice Chair: Casar (current members are Casar and Harper-Madison. I think it would be good if CM Kelly would consider being a member also). I anticipate sitting in for many if not most of this committee’s meetings and I think other Council Members will do as well.

Linked here is chart with my recommendations on intergovernmental committees/positions. - ... 140208.pdf

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