Item 61

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Nathan Jones
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Item 61

Post by Nathan Jones » Wed Dec 09, 2020 2:41 pm

On behalf of CM Flannigan:

Below is a proposed amendment to Item 61. The amendment is in line with the staff proposed language included in the memo from the backup. ... 113212.pdf
Council Aide, District 6

Lauren Hartnett
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Re: Item 61

Post by Lauren Hartnett » Wed Dec 09, 2020 9:38 pm

On behalf of CM Harper-Madison:


Below is a proposed amendment to Item 61, offering the grace period compromise I presented during 2nd reading. It has been cleared with Staff and legal. ... 11046.docx

Additionally, I would like to direct staff to continue working with stakeholders to address outstanding questions and concerns, as well as continue the cross-departmental effort to evaluate all existing fees levied on development projects and identify fees that could either be eliminated or reduced to offset the increases from street impact fees. Staff shall provide council with an update on these efforts at or before the June 1st, 2021 Council Work Session.

Kind regards,
Natasha Harper-Madison
Policy Director

Julie Montgomery
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Re: Item 61

Post by Julie Montgomery » Thu Dec 10, 2020 8:55 am

On behalf of CM Ellis, please see the following direction to the City Manager for your consideration on Item 61 today, related creating and maintaining an online data reporting tool for the Street Impact Fee program:

"City Council directs the City Manager to create and maintain a publicly accessible, online tool to track Street Impact Fee (SIF) revenues, expenditures, and balances by service area. Similar to the Parkland Dedication Fee interactive map, the SIF reporting tool should, to the greatest extent possible, provide transparency regarding the developments generating SIF revenue, the specific infrastructure improvements funded with SIF revenues, and the linkages between the developments and the improvements.

The SIF reporting tool shall be created and made publicly available within six months of fee collections beginning, to coincide with the first staff report on SIF revenues and expenditures to the Impact Fee Advisory Committee (IFAC). The SIF reporting tool shall be updated no less frequently than every six months, to further align with and inform IFAC review of the SIF program."
Policy Director
Office of Council Member Paige Ellis, District 8

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