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Below please find direction I will be bringing for item #95

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Ann Kitchen
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ITEM #95
I move to amend Item 95 to include the following direction:
In developing the financing model and any agreement for acquisition or improvements related to the expansion and redevelopment of the Austin Convention Center, consider the following and report back to the Council how these are addressed when items are brought back for future action on the financing model and/or property acquisition/improvements:

♣ Culinary, arts, music, and retail businesses founded in Austin, and unique to Austin, promote tourism and the hotel and convention industry by defining that character and brand as one filled with distinctive experiences for visitors found only in Austin

♣ The trend in convention center planning is to focus on the destination as a primary component of competition for events and people decide to attend events in significant part on their opportunities to participate in and enjoy the location.

♣ In agreements for property acquisition/improvements, consider opportunities to include spaces for local businesses that are affordable and accessible as part of convention center space as

♣ Consider the opportunities to include in the financing model, funding for the acquisition and/or support for the culinary, arts, music, and retail businesses that define the character and brand in Austin and establish Austin as a desirable destination for people attending events.
Ann Kitchen
Council Member District 5