Alter FY21 Budget Amendments

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Alison Alter
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Alter FY21 Budget Amendments

Post by Alison Alter » Mon Aug 10, 2020 4:53 pm

Dear Colleagues,

Below, I’m sharing my amendments and riders. I will share my feedback and ideas on the broader public safety proposals once I receive some additional information from staff.

ALTER Amendment #1: Creating the Office of the Chief Medical Officer; Co-sponsors: Kitchen, Tovo, Pool
Amendment form: ... 165042.pdf
Summary memo: ... 164915.pdf

ALTER Amendment #2: Investments in EMS; Co-sponsors: Ellis, Harper-Madison, Pool, Tovo
Amendment form: ... 140348.pdf
Summary memo: ... 140235.pdf

Note my office and I worked closely with EMS and budget staff to update the costs according to how the EMS staffing timeline can feasibly rollout. For the purposes of our budget discussion this week I would suggest that we separate out the straight 24/72 schedule proposal in CASAR -7 as a separate amendment from this one. I had been working on the 24/72 idea as a response to COVID as well and intended to bring a resolution to move forward in this month. If we are able to move forward with that now I would be happy to co-sponsor. I think a 24/72 schedule is critical for our COVID response and possibly eligible for FEMA or COVID reimbursement since a key rationale for adopting 24/72 early is to allow fewer shift changes and manage staffing more easily, both of which are challenging under COVID. If we want to convert demand trucks beyond Chief Rodriguez’s recent actions in this regard, I think that we may need to accommodate those costs in our accounting moving forward.

ALTER Amendment #3: Violence Prevention; Co-sponsors: Casar, Ellis, Tovo, Kitchen and Pool (Kitchen and Pool confirmed support in a prior message board post)
Amendment form: ... 140747.pdf
Summary memo: ... 140903.pdf

ALTER Amendment #4: Public Safety Training Campus Deferred Maintenance to PARD Recreation Centers
Amendment form: ... 135212.pdf
Summary memo: ... 135108.pdf

ALTER-CASAR Amendment #5: Victim Services; Co-sponsors: Tovo, Ellis, Pool
Amendment form: ... 133048.pdf
Summary memo: ... 134716.pdf

ALTER Amendment #6: Mobility Services Officer Study
Amendment form: ... 140058.pdf
Summary memo: ... 135916.pdf

ALTER Budget Rider #1: Austin Water Multifamily Discount Program ... 145017.pdf

ALTER Budget Rider #2: Mobility Services Officer Classification ... 145105.pdf

Alison Alter
Council Member, District 10