Reallocating Funds to Invest in Community Assets

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Alison Alter
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Reallocating Funds to Invest in Community Assets

Post by Alison Alter » Thu Aug 06, 2020 3:52 pm


As we discussed in today’s Public Safety Committee, I propose deploying $750,000 of Capital Rehabilitation Fund dollars to fund deferred maintenance of PARD assets. These funds are currently set aside to replace the synthetic running track surface at the Public Safety Training Center.

Per the City’s financial policies, the Capital Rehabilitation Fund dollars may be used for non-bond funded projects including facility rehabilitation and betterment related to:
· Safety and security;
· Significant large maintenance projects that extend the asset’s useful life;
· Energy efficiency improvements;
· Renovations to improve space utilization;
· Temporary closure of facilities due to unforeseen conditions;
· Technology innovations; or
· Other projects that result in the betterment of the asset.

I believe this $750,000 should be designated for rehabilitation and betterment of PARD recreation centers in East Austin. This would provide significant funding for the long overdue repairs to East Austin recreation facilities highlighted by Council Member Harper-Madison in her post the other day. If Council Member Harper-Madison or others had different ideas on how to fund those repairs, then I would propose these funds be spent on other PARD deferred maintenance needs which are estimated to total hundreds of millions in unfunded need. I welcome your thoughts and any indications of support as I craft a possible budget amendment.

Alison Alter
Council Member, District 10