CMPool FY21 budget amendments (non-APD)

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CMPool FY21 budget amendments (non-APD)

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Colleagues, here are the budget amendments I will be bringing as part of our adoption process next week. We will also have a chance to discuss these at our work session tomorrow.

Amendment #1: Austin Fire Department, Aerial Ladder Staffing (16 FTEs) at the Moore’s Crossing EMS/Fire Station. $1,796,711 in ongoing funds. ... 172517.pdf
In FY20, the actual aerial ladder apparatus was secured for Moore’s Crossing, but staffing dollars were not included. This measure repairs the staffing gap for this important equipment.

Amendment #2: EMS Community Health Paramedics (7 FTEs). $691,490 in ongoing funds. CM Kitchen posted a joint message about this item earlier today on the Message Board. ... 172951.pdf

Amendment #3: Increased Child Care capacity at City Recreation Centers. $1.5 million in ongoing funds. ... 173025.pdf
PARD staff are collaborating with AISD and other school districts during COVID-19 to use recreation centers as safe spaces with social distancing for child care and virtual learning while schools are at reduced capacity.

Amendment #4: Workforce First program. $328,080 in increases from a combination of funding sources (See info sheet). ... 173822.pdf
This program employs people experiencing homelessness to assist with encampment cleanup in public parks and open spaces, and provides wrap around services, including help with housing. This funding increase will allow the program to grow and offer more housing assistance and eviction mitigation for past and future clients.

Amendment #5: Abortion Access. $250,000 in ongoing funds. ... 172431.pdf
Last year, the council funded this program to provide logistical support for Austinites who need assistance to access abortion services such as transportation, lodging, child care, and other services. This increase will offer this logistical support, particularly during these challenging times of COVID-19, to more Austin women.

I will post additional detail on my Austin Police Department proposal to the Message Board later today.

I look forward to our discussions on the budget at tomorrow’s work session.

Leslie Pool
Council Member, District 7