CM Ellis Budget Amendments - Park Rangers and Trails O&M

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Paige Ellis
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CM Ellis Budget Amendments - Park Rangers and Trails O&M

Post by Paige Ellis » Mon Aug 03, 2020 6:04 pm

Good Evening, Colleagues -

I look forward to tomorrow's discussion regarding budget amendments for the 20-21 Fiscal Year. My first two proposed amendments are for increased funding to the Parks and Recreation Department's budget. Amendment #1 for additional Park Rangers is to ensure the health and safety of our trails and trail users. This amendment is proposed to come from the APD budget since APD is currently spending money to patrol our park system. Amendment #2 is for operations and maintenance of trails as identified by the Austin Parks Foundation. This amendment is currently proposed to come from the general fund.

Amendment #1 Park Rangers
Cosponsors: CM Pool, CM Alter, CM Harper-Madison
Park Rangers Summary: ... 73438.docx
Budget Amendment Draft: ... 73610.xlsx

Amendment #2 Trails O&M
Cosponsors: CM Pool, CM Alter
Trails Operations and Maintenance Summary: ... 73337.docx
Budget Amendment Draft: ... 73514.xlsx

Thank you,
Paige Ellis
Paige Ellis
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