Public Hearing on LDC Third Reading

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Leslie Pool
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Public Hearing on LDC Third Reading

Post by Leslie Pool » Fri Feb 28, 2020 2:03 pm

Colleagues, as an early heads up, I request that we follow Council’s standard practice of allocating speaker time for public input in March and April at the Third Reading of the land development code rewrite. The standard that we’ve set out in our rules is three minutes plus donated time of two minutes each from no more than two people. (That’s max of three people, one of whom is speaking, for a max of seven minutes.)

As noted previously, when community members contact us - in any of the variety of modes available - we should err on the side of inclusion, to the very best of our abilities. This includes ensuring that, for those who do make their way to City Hall, we honor their efforts to communicate to Council by allocating the amount of time that is our usual practice.

The changes we are making through the LDC rewrite have immense impact that will ripple through our city for decades to come. Through our public hearing procedures, we signal that we welcome direct, personal input on a matter of shared interest and concern.

We all can appreciate the importance of nailing down these details well in advance of the March 28 Public Hearing.


Leslie Pool
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