LDC Special Called Meeting, Feb 11

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Steve Adler
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LDC Special Called Meeting, Feb 11

Post by Steve Adler » Mon Feb 10, 2020 4:27 pm


I would like to lay out the process for the Special Called Meeting on the Land Development Code tomorrow, February 11

- We will start the meeting at 10:30 am

- I will start by laying out the schedule for the day, we can talk at this point about an end time for the meeting. I recommend that we try to end by 5 pm.

- Then, I plan to take speakers using the process laid out on the message board and outlined here: http://www.austintexas.gov/sites/defaul ... .07.20.pdf But if Council wants to discuss this process, we will do so at this time.

- Then we will take all speakers that have signed up, calling all three items at the same time

- After speakers, Staff will have a 15 minute presentation

- Council will then go into Executive Session

- After Executive Session, I will ask for a base motion on items 1, 2, and 3. The base motion will include the amendments posted here http://assets.austintexas.gov/austincou ... 203055.pdf and be treated as consent items.

- Then we will go through the list of amendments and Council Members can pull any of the amendments off the consent motion.

- We will then go through each item pulled off consent by topic areas

- If Council Members have amendments or edits to the amendments on the sheet, or have new amendments to offer, please bring plenty of paper copies on yellow sheets for the dais, clerk, and plenty of extras for staff and others in chambers. Also post it on the message board.

- When we adjourn at the end of the day, we will pick up on Wednesday, Feb 12 at 3 pm where we left off (after taking any speakers that sign up that day).

- We will also need to talk about proposed end times for the meetings on Wed, Feb 12 and Thurs, Feb 13.