2nd Reading of Land Development Code Rewrite

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Steve Adler
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2nd Reading of Land Development Code Rewrite

Post by Steve Adler » Thu Jan 30, 2020 6:04 pm


I look forward to continuing our important work together to adopt a new land development code.

At this week’s Housing and Planning Committee, staff announced their intention to publish a revised code text and zoning map with changes reflecting the direction Council provided at 1st Reading, along with a supplemental staff report summarizing the changes later this week.
Staff has proposed, as refined after last week’s Council work session:

2nd Reading Schedule
- Tuesday, February 4, 1pm - LDC Work Session
- Wednesday, February 5, 9 - 11 AM and 1 pm - LDC Work Session
- Friday, February 7, 5 PM - Amendment/Direction Posting Deadline
- Tuesday, February 11, 10: 30 AM - 2nd Reading Action
- Wednesday, February 12, 3 PM – 5 PM; and 7:30 pm - 2nd Reading Action
- Thursday, February 13, 9 AM – 5 PM (Mid-day break for Mobility Committee meeting). - 2nd Reading Action
- Week of February 17, TBD; - Potential continued 2nd Reading Action

1. Please post any topics related to the code and map that you would like to discuss in the February 4th and 5th work sessions by noon on this coming Monday, Feb. 3, so staff and your colleagues might come prepared.

2. As with for 1st Reading, let’s allow staff to get through their work session presentations without interruption, holding questions until the end.

3. In order to allow each of us to have an opportunity to have our questions addressed or to make statements, we will again be allotting and tracking a set amount of time for each of us to use as we wish during the work session discussions (which I’ll calculate and announce as we start based on attendance and time available).

4. Next week’s work sessions provide an important opportunity for council members to daylight any proposed new amendments or policy direction anticipated for consideration.

5. As with 1st Reading, I suggest a deadline (Friday, February 7, 5 PM) for posting amendments and proposed policy direction for 2nd Reading consideration in order to allow sufficient time for colleagues, staff, and the community to review and vet proposals, as well as to allow for staff to compile proposed amendments into one document for our use in deliberations. It would be helpful for staff to organize, if we each identified the appropriate topic from among the six topics we’ve been using for each amendment/direction posted.


6. As with 1st Reading, we will start 2nd Reading deliberations with amendments posted by the deadline, and then move on to others posted after the deadline or introduced on the dais. Proposed amendments to the code text and zoning map should be in the form of specific and clear policy direction.

7. At this point in the process, we may be best served, to the extent possible, with amendments or directions that give clear, definitive policy direction and try to avoid asking staff to “consider” or “explore the possibility” of certain changes. Similarly, we need to prioritize our time on amendments or direction that would result in changes to the code text and zoning map.

8. Council should also continue to refrain on 2nd Reading from parcel-level mapping amendments (driven by comprehensive policy considerations), as staff is providing us with a process for handling such amendments for 3rd Reading.

9. I am hopeful that we can complete 2nd reading the week by our meeting on February 13th, however, I have asked the Agenda office to reach out to offices to identify dates and times the week of February 17th for us to continue if necessary.

My office, like yours continues to receive comments from the public via email, phone calls, and letters. No doubt we are all likely hearing feedback from the public on the land development code as we move around the city and at community and neighborhood meetings.

a. We will have public comment opportunities at any meetings where Council is posted to take action on the new code (scheduled for February 11, 12, and 13).

b. We encourage the public to come talk to us about the code on February 11, so we might have the benefit of comments as early as possible in our deliberations.

c. We will close speaker sign-up for that day at the time that day’s meeting is scheduled to begin.

d. We need both to hear from people signing up as well as to preserve some time for the council to deliberate. I propose to allow up to 120 minutes for speakers on February 11, with time equally divided between the number of speakers who have signed up but not to exceed 2 minutes per speaker, and up to 60 minutes for speakers on subsequent 2nd Reading days, again equally divided between the number of speakers signed up, but not to exceed 1 minute per speaker. There will be no donations of time.

d. Absent exigent circumstances, speakers will called in the order in which they have signed up.

Louisa Brinsmade
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Re: 2nd Reading of Land Development Code Rewrite

Post by Louisa Brinsmade » Mon Feb 03, 2020 8:45 am

On behalf of Council Member Pool, I am listing the topics she would like to discuss at Tuesday's LDC work session:

1. Housing capacity figures citywide and per council district, including the anticipated update to Cascadia's housing report, as requested in the Jan. 28 Housing & Planning Committee meeting;
2. Local area flooding and the revised mapping for problem areas, as well as existing drainage infrastructure;
3. Update on the language in the code prohibiting lot-to-lot flooding;
4. Update on CM Pool's tabled "Preserving Existing Affordable Multifamily" amendment (Pool #6);
5. CM Pool amendments for 2nd Reading.

Thank you.
Louisa Brinsmade
Policy Advisor
Office of Leslie Pool, Council Member District 7

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Re: 2nd Reading of Land Development Code Rewrite

Post by Ann Kitchen » Fri Feb 07, 2020 11:32 am


Regarding the Mayor’s proposal for public comment at 2nd reading meetings, I would propose that we do allow donations of time as we have with other public comment sessions. With limited time for individual speakers, it is important to allow people to use their time how they choose, including donating to another speaker.

Ann Kitchen
City Council D5
Ann Kitchen
Council Member District 5

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