Budget Hearing - August 22nd

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Budget Hearing - August 22nd

Post by Steve Adler » Tue Aug 20, 2019 6:32 pm


As discussed today at work session, this Thursday, August 22nd, we are posted for a budget hearing as a part of our regularly scheduled council meeting. Consistent with our previous work session discussion, the council plans to take speakers on the budget beginning right after lunch.

In order to give clear expectations to members of the public who desire to speak, I propose that after coming back from executive session or any lunch break (typically around 1 or 2 pm) that the budget hearing will be the priority item that the Council takes up. We will hear from as many speakers as are signed up and present until we break for live music, proclamations and dinner (typically around 5:30pm). After dinner break (typically around 6:45 to 7pm), we will hear from any budget speakers who were signed up and present before we took the break. Other remaining agenda items will thereafter be heard. After all agenda items have been acted upon, we will again call on any speakers present for the budget hearing.

For members of the public that are interested in speaking on the budget, we will also have a dedicated budget hearing on August 28th starting at 6pm. The budget adoption is scheduled to take place on September 10th.