Direction for the update to the ARR master plan (Item #67)

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April Brown
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Direction for the update to the ARR master plan (Item #67)

Post by April Brown » Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:46 pm

Please see the below message, posted on behalf of Council Member Alter.


Please see attached my Motion Sheet #1 for direction for Item #67, an RFP to update the current Austin Resource Recovery (ARR) Master Plan. I intend to offer this direction on Thursday, as this item was postponed to June 20th at our last meeting.

This direction has been reviewed by staff and I have been assured that the elements are within the scope of the work of the RFP. The direction is intended to ensure that we are adhering to our zero-waste goal of 90% diversion by 2040, maintaining our current definition of zero-waste, and that ARR considers the economic, fiscal, and environmental impacts of its available choices.

Note: working with Council Member Tovo’s office, we have included an additional clause under the diversion program section addressing the final destination of diverted materials.

Link: ... 154037.pdf

Alison Alter
Communications and Outreach Coordinator