Richard Overton Memorial Highway

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Natasha Harper-Madison
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Richard Overton Memorial Highway

Post by Natasha Harper-Madison » Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:19 pm


I am excited to be proposing a resolution to support the renaming of a portion of Airport Blvd.

I have asked Mayor Pro Tem Garza, Council Member Pool, and Council Member Casar to co-sponsor this resolution.
The proposal would support the efforts of Senator Kirk Watson and Representative Sheryl Cole who have filled SB 946 and HB1821, to rename a portion of State Loop 111 (Airport Blvd) the Richard Overton Memorial Highway. The portion of Airport Blvd that would be designated would be its northern intersection from Levander Loop to the intersection with Parkwood Road. This doesn't change the actual name of Airport Blvd. The designation is just in addition to the current name, so no addresses would be affected and it doesn't change any of the zoning or traffic patterns. Airport Blvd. was picked because it's a major East Austin thoroughfare that is still available for designation in memorial.

As many of you well know, Mr. Overton's contributions to our city, state and country are immeasurable. Draft resolution coming soon.


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