Item 39: North Burnet/Gateway plan amendment resolution

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Louisa Brinsmade
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Item 39: North Burnet/Gateway plan amendment resolution

Post by Louisa Brinsmade » Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:53 pm

On behalf of Council Member Pool:

I pulled this item for our work session tomorrow, but I want to lay out the purpose of the resolution here and invite questions or comments from you all so we can keep our work session moving along.

The wording on this resolution may seem wonky or complicated, but the change is simple: We are adding one of the site development requirements in the North Burnet/Gateway Regulating Plan to an “Alternative Equivalent Compliance” list that allows our staff to consider alternate, innovative proposals from a builder.

Currently, the plan requires a stepback of 30 feet beginning at the 6th floor – a requirement that is not replicated in any of our TODs, and while it is required in the East Riverside Corridor Regulating Plan, the stepback is included in the plan's Alternative Equivalent Compliance list.

So essentially, we are tracking with the East Riverside plan.

This is not a waiver – any alternative solution has the meet the intent of the plan, which is to create walkable spaces friendly to pedestrians. Our staff will review the proposal to ensure that, if allowed, it will create that pedestrian-friendly atmosphere.

This amendment will go through the usual code amendment process with review at our Codes & Ordinances Joint Committee, at the Planning Commission, and then will come back to us for approval.

Thank you to the co-sponsors for joining me on this resolution; let me know if you have any questions and I will respond here.

Leslie Pool, District 7
Policy Advisor
Office of Leslie Pool, Council Member District 7