item #101 12/13/18 amendments

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item #101 12/13/18 amendments

Post by Genoveva Rodriguez » Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:53 pm

Council Member Ora Houston wanted to share her amendments for tomorrow. Thank you.

On behalf of CM Houston -

1. Amend Part 1 to add a Subsection (F):
(F) To reduce the number of households and businesses displaced from Austin due to affordability, the Economic Opportunity and Affordability section of the City’s strategic plan identifies strategies to develop and act on. These strategies will assist the City and the Urban Renewal Agency in their efforts to achieve higher-intensity, mixed use development on East 11th Street; and neighborhood-based retail, small-scale offices, and housing on East 12th Street.

2. Add a new Part 4 and a new Part 5; and to renumber the remaining section accordingly:

PART 4. During this ten year extension, the City Council directs the City Manager to work with the Urban Renewal Agency and other key community partners to carry out the strategies described in the Economic Opportunity and Affordability section of the City’s strategic plan. The City Council encourages the City Manager to include the Office of Performance Management, Neighborhood Housing and Community Development Department, Planning and Zoning Department, Economic Development Department, and the Office of Real Estate Services in carrying out the strategies.

PART 5. During the City’s consolidated planning process for fiscal years 2024-2029, the City Council will evaluate whether there is a continued need for the Plan and the Urban Renewal Agency. The status of the work described in Part 4 of this ordinance will be used to assist the City Council with evaluating whether the Plan and the Urban Renewal Agency should remain effective.

3. Amend Exhibit A to set the Plan’s expiration date as September 30, 2028.
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