Audit Item on June 28th

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Audit Item on June 28th

Post by Ellen Troxclair » Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:22 pm


I wanted to make you aware that there will be an additional IFC on the June 28th agenda, which will be posted to the addendum on Friday. I'm posting it here now to ensure that you have ample time for review.

Municipalities across the country are using independent, third-party efficiency audits to help their governments provide more services while managing costs. There is a citizen's petition currently underway in the community in order to put such an audit on the ballot. In an effort to show support for the broad coalition and residents of Austin who are supporting the petition, the Council has the opportunity to pass the ordinance on the 28th before the petition is submitted to the city. Thanks to Council Members Houston, Pool, and Alter for their support on this item.

Below you will find a link to the ordinance and scope of work envisioned for the efficiency audit. The City Manager will have the flexibility under this ordinance to manage the audit in a manner that he believes will produce the most effective results possible for the city. The efficiency audit is comprised of four main parts:

(1) The audit must be conducted by an independent, third-party entity with experience working with governmental entities to help them provide better services to their communities;

(2) It must include a review of all City Departments, utilities, enterprises, and shared service departments;

(3) The selected firm must be allowed access to a level of information that will ensure for a successful project;

(4) The audit results in a comprehensive list of opportunities, including specific recommendations and how to implement them, for the City Manager and City Council to consider. To clarify, the city is not required to implement recommendations of the audit. Rather, the recommendation will be presented as options for efficiencies and operational cost savings measures.

Draft Ordinance: ... 161303.pdf

Scope of Work ... 161557.pdf

I look forward to discussing this further with all of you next week.

Thank you,
Ellen Troxclair
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