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Dear Colleagues,

Several times over the last few years our dais has discussed how ADUS could prove to be a meaningful tool for us to deploy to help address the need for additional housing options and to help enable residents to remain in place by generating additional income. As you may recall, in April 2020, I sponsored a resolution that directed the City Manager to:

• explore eligible funding sources that could be used to provide low-interest loans or possibly supplement Community Powered Workshop's grant, should it be successful, and, if eligible funding sources are found, devise program and income eligibility guidelines for Council consideration;
• explore partnerships with organizations such as Community Powered Workshop that can provide a menu of pre-approved ADU models as part of a streamlined permitting process;
• explore the viability of a tax abatement or grants for property owners who construct income-restricted ADUs to offset increases in property valuations and, if viable, provide the Council with a budgetary impact analysis, recommendation, and mechanism for enacting such a measure; and
• initiate conversations with local taxing authorities to explore the potential to minimize property taxes for property owners who construct income-restricted ADUs.

I want to take the opportunity here to let you know that my staff and I have drafted a resolution for an upcoming Council meeting to implement actions to reduce barriers to ADUs and make this investment more widely accessible (including pre-approved plans). I also intend to advance the recommendation regarding financial incentives and affordable housing through the Chapter 380 program, which I think holds much promise.

I look forward to our future discussions, including the discussion at today’s Housing and Planning Committee meeting.


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Re: ADUs

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CM Tovo

Thank you for your work on this issue - and I would be pleased to lend my support.

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Ann Kitchen
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