Council Meeting 5/16/24

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Colleen Pate
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Council Meeting 5/16/24

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Before next week, I wanted to lay out a plan for how we will conduct the May 16th City Council meeting.

We will begin promptly at 10am. We will have brief remarks from staff.

The land use items will be taken up separately. Item 2 will be withdrawn and replaced with four separate ordinances to allow for public testimony and council deliberation on each topic. The addendum will be posted by city staff today and the change will be reflected in the posting.

We will take up public comment on each item individually, one at a time.

The format for each agenda item is as follows: After public comment, I will ask for a motion and a second. I will then ask for proposed amendments. Hopefully, all amendments will have been shared during the Work Session on Tuesday so that Council and the public will have an idea of what to expect.

Speakers will have 3 minutes per item. Speakers will be able to donate time. Time may be donated for up to 6 minutes of donated time for a maximum of 9 minutes for a speaker. Speakers wishing to donate time must coordinate with the City Clerk prior to being called. All parties (speakers and donors) must be present in person to be eligible for donation of time.

We will ensure that City staff members are present should any Council Member have brief questions. If you know that you will have questions about a particular department or office, please let the City Manager’s office know in advance of Thursday so they can ensure appropriate staff are present.

We will have the regular noon time certain for general public communication. It will follow our general practice. We will not be having live music. My intention will be to recess until 1:00pm after the conclusion of public communication.

As a reminder, I am recommending that we use the May 14th work session to review amendments.

Thank you,
On behalf of Mayor Watson
Chief of Staff, Mayor Watson's Office
Ryan Alter
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Re: Council Meeting 5/16/24

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Thank you for the update. I agree with splitting the items and appreciate you doing so. Looking forward to a productive discussion next week.

Council Member, District 5
Alison Alter
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Re: Council Meeting 5/16/24

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Mayor, I appreciate the update for the 16th agenda. For the 14th work session, I would request that we please plan to take up the LDC amendments first before the other briefings. That way we can cover the time sensitive material first.

Alison Alter
Council Member, District 10
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