Item #67 Community Land Trust/Land Banking

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Natasha Harper-Madison
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Item #67 Community Land Trust/Land Banking

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As we confront the urgent challenges of housing affordability in our rapidly growing city of Austin, most especially East Austin, I am proud to present
a resolution (Item 67). The item is aimed at leveraging the innovative tools: Land Banking and Community Land Trusts. These tools are viable and effective as equitable solutions to secure more affordable, attainable, sustainable housing options in this City.

The resolution acknowledges the effectiveness of CLTs in providing lasting affordability for their present and future homeowners. By ensuring that properties remain community assets, CLTs offer a tenable approach to addressing housing needs including community centered, amenities rich balanced development. There's the added benefit of appropriately pairing with Land Banking.

Thank you to my co-sponsors: Council Member Vanessa Fuentes, Council Member José Velásquez, Council Member Ryan Alter, and Council Member Zohaib ''Zo'' Qadri, and I welcome the rest of our colleagues to support this initiative on the dais.

Natasha Harper-Madison
Council Member District 1