Meeting with ICM Garza re Art Acevedo Appointment

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Alison Alter
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Meeting with ICM Garza re Art Acevedo Appointment

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Dear Colleagues,

This afternoon, the five of us met with Interim City Manager Jesús Garza to discuss the proposed hiring of Art Acevedo for the newly created role of Interim Assistant City Manager overseeing APD.

We expressed serious concerns with Mr. Acevedo’s record at the Austin Police Department. While we agree with ICM Garza’s emphasis on the need to improve police recruitment, implement academy reforms, and increase staffing, we do not have confidence that the proposed hire will advance our shared goals.

The Interim City Manager has heard all of the concerns voiced and will meet with his team on next steps in the coming days.

CM Alison Alter (D10), CM Zo Qadri (D9), CM Paige Ellis (D8), CM Ryan Alter (D5), and CM Natasha Harper-Madison (D1)
Council Member, District 10