Council Meeting Schedule 8/16/2023

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Council Meeting Schedule 8/16/2023

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Council Members:

First, thanks for all of the hard work to get us to this point with the budget. It’s been a very collaborative process with lots of transparency and good discussion. Nice work.

I want to let you all know how I propose addressing the agenda tomorrow.

After calling us to order at 10:00 AM, I’ll open the public hearings for agenda items 1—6. We will have public comment on all of the items on the agenda, including the public hearings (items 1—6), item 8 (which is the actual budget item) and the items from council.

For legal reasons, we will take up the votes on items in the following order at the completion of public comment: Item 3, Item 7 (this incorporates action from items (2, 4, 5 & 6).

Item 8 is the budget, and I’ll call it up next. There will be an appendix in back up that reflects additions and deletions to the budget document previously provided to council (the one we’ve been working from since the city manager provided it on July 14th.) The motion I will seek will be to adopt the Fiscal Year 2023—2024 Budget, including the appendix.

PLEASE NOTE: I will call for council member comments after a motion and a second to adopt the budget. This will be an opportunity for council members to address the budget and address additions and deletions that were offered by the council member and that are now part of the general budget motion as the appendix.

Also, if there are any proposed amendments to the budget motion, including the appendix, they will be considered at this time.

Once item 8 is finished, we’ll address items 9, 10 & 11. I will likely ask us to take them up together. If there’s an amendment proposed for any of them, it will be carved out.

We will then take up item 12 followed by item 1.

Next is item 13.

After item 13, we will take up Items from Council as a Consent Agenda.

PLEASE NOTE: I will call for council comments after a motion and second on the Consent Agenda of IFCs.

After the IFCs, I will recess the Council meeting and convene the Austin Housing Finance Corporation. Upon completion of the AHFC agenda, we will adjourn.

I’ll call to order the Mueller Local Government Corporation meeting. When that agenda is complete, we’ll adjourn that meeting.

I’ll call back to order the City Council meeting. At that time, we will adjourn the City Council meeting.


Posted on behalf of Mayor Watson
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