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Council Meeting Schedule 5/18/23

Posted: Wed May 17, 2023 5:32 pm
by Colleen Pate
Here is my proposed plan for the Council meeting tomorrow.

We will begin promptly at 10am. We will hear public testimony on consent and non-consent items. Speakers will have 2 minutes. We will then vote on the consent agenda with brief remarks from Council.

Please remember to let Colleen know if you want to make brief remarks on any consent item, including zoning consent items.

Any items pulled from the consent agenda will be taken up at this time. Please note that item 26 has been pulled for discussion.

We will then take up the non-consent items including public hearings.

Following non-consent items, we will conduct the AHFC meeting.

Public Communication will begin at 12pm and we will also have live music. We will not have a formal lunch break. Please be sure that a quorum is present and excuse yourself to take a 10–15-minute lunch break.

At 2pm, we will hear from our zoning consent speakers and vote on the zoning consent agenda. Speakers will have 2 minutes.

I anticipate we will have zoning items for discussion. We will hear public testimony when the zoning item is taken up.

Thank you,

On behalf of Mayor Watson