Mobility Committee Presentations

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Mobility Committee Presentations

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Colleagues –

The backup presentations for today’s Mobility Committee are as follows:

Agenda: ... 110223.pdf

We have 2 speakers signed up

Item 1: Minutes ... 110241.pdf

Item 2: UTC Update ... 110257.pdf
(We will not be taking up this item today, but it will come back on the next Mobility Committee agenda)

Item 3: Project Connect Program Status Briefing ... 110310.pdf

Item 4: Briefing on policies and regulations regarding automated deliver technology
Part 1 ATD ... 110344.pdf
Part 2 Coco ... 110358.pdf
Part 3 Refraction AI ... 110420.pdf

Item 5: ACM Fiandaca’s Update on Strategic Mobility Outcome ... 110442.pdf

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