Council Meeting 3.26.20

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Kathie Tovo
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Council Meeting 3.26.20

Post by Kathie Tovo » Wed Mar 25, 2020 4:09 pm

Below are a few additional comments about items 20, 28, 48, 52, 55, on tomorrow's agenda.

20. We are working to clarify with staff why this is being proposed for postponement. I would prefer to see it move forward to provide Neighborhood Housing and Community Development with as many resources right now as possible.

28. Pay for Success: I see this is still on consent, and I would advocate for us voting on it tomorrow so we can move forward with this critical program. Please see the separate post I will add to respond to CM Flannigan's on this same issue.

48. I will offer an amendment to add $200 from my fee waiver budget.

52. As lead sponsor on this item, I intend to postpone this IFC until the next Council meeting to work further with relevant stakeholders, such as ACCDC.

55. As per my post in another thread, I have adjusted my amendment language to respond to CM Flannigan's post. I hope this will be accepted as a friendly amendment.

Thanks - "see" you tomorrow.


Kathie Tovo
Council District 9