CAMPO I35 Motion

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CAMPO I35 Motion

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On behalf of our City of Austin CAMPO delegation and in response to City Council Resolution #20231019-045, below please find a motion we will offer for our May 13 CAMPO agenda item 8, Discussion and Take Appropriate Action on Draft 2025-2028 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Amendment to 2045 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) with respect to I35. Below you will find the draft motion and a redline version.

We also shared a cover letter with our colleagues on the TPB that reads as follows:


On behalf of our City of Austin delegation and in response to City Council Resolution #20231019-045, we are submitting the attached amendment for the Transportation Policy Board’s (TPB) consideration.

This amendment would not eliminate funding for the I-35 project. This amendment would simply require that TxDOT conduct the necessary studies and environmental considerations prior to the funding being released for project delivery. These studies and considerations have been repeatedly requested by both the Austin City Council and Travis County Commissioners Court, along with thousands of local residents who will be immediately and most impacted by the project’s construction.

Additionally, this amendment would require TxDOT to assist the TPB in identifying and applying for additional state funding for:

• local projects including refunded projects across our region which could be accelerated; and
• remaining costs of the associated planning, design, and construction costs of the I-35 caps.

We respectfully request the full TPB’s consideration and encourage members to support the merits of this conditional funding in balance with the regional needs of our respective communities.


Austin City Council Member District 1 Natasha Harper-Madison
Austin City Council Member District 2 Vanessa Fuentes
Austin City Council Member District 8 Paige Ellis
Austin City Council Member District 10 Alison Alter

TIP Motion Letter: ... 115919.pdf

TIP Motion: ... 120018.pdf

TIP Motion Redline: ... 120153.pdf

Resolution #20231019-045 - ... ?id=417815
Council Member, District 10