Item #76 Amendment

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Item #76 Amendment

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In yesterday's session, I proposed a revised amendment to Item #76, which pertains to the storage and staging of equipment related to the Old Lampasas Dam Restoration within my district. This amendment is the culmination of extensive community consultations and reflects both resident input and recommendations from City Staff. The updated amendment can be accessed here: ... 162338.pdf.

My primary concerns with this project are the restoration of the park to its pre-project state, post-project equipment storage, and significant traffic reduction near the local middle school. Given that Spicewood Springs and Old Lampasas Trail are crucial but narrow corridors for access to Canyon Vista Middle School and Highway 183, this is particularly imperative.

A notable update in the amendment is a directive for the City Manager to consider the establishment of a public park on the site post-construction. Following discussions with City Staff, I intend to introduce a resolution on May 30th to seek a cost evaluation for this initiative, aiming for inclusion in our next fiscal budget. I believe placing amenities in this park would be a valuable asset to our community and district, and I hope for your support in this endeavor.

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Mackenzie Kelly
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