Item 55 Notification & Joint Public Hearing

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Item 55 Notification & Joint Public Hearing

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On behalf of CM Pool:

This week, item 55 presents an opportunity for a unique approach to public notice and public input for several LDC amendments coming this fall.

One of my main concerns about past efforts to update the LDC is how residents would be notified about big changes, and how they would be heard about those changes. I wholeheartedly support a citywide, individual notification, and have publicly supported that approach for many years from the dais, in the media, and at LDC town halls and neighborhood gatherings. It just makes sense. It also makes sense to give folks more public input opportunities, which the joint meeting does, before PC considers their recommendations and council finally deliberates.

Under state law, council may set a joint public hearing with the Planning Commission when considering LDC amendments and may adopt methods of notification for the hearing and subsequent council and commission meetings to deliberate on those amendments.

Citywide notification may be expensive, but it's the right thing to do in the case of the amendments that are coming this fall.

It’s my understanding three of our recent council initiatives, including three units in single family residential districts, Tiny Homes, and changes to the occupancy limits, will be part of this notification.

I look forward to our discussion on this item.

Chief of Staff
Office of Mayor Pro Tem Leslie Pool, District 7