Amendment for Item 85 on the June 8th, 2023 Council Agenda

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Mackenzie Kelly
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Amendment for Item 85 on the June 8th, 2023 Council Agenda

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Dear colleagues,

I would like to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for engaging in the extensive and thorough discussions surrounding the license plate reader program. Back in 2022, I initially presented this proposal to the council, and I am grateful that it received approval to proceed with the program.

I would also like to extend my appreciation to the Austin Police Department (APD) for their diligent efforts in collaborating with the community, council offices, and city staff to develop the most comprehensive automatic license plate reader (ALPR) policy in the state of Texas. This policy will ensure that the program operates at its highest potential, effectively serving our community.

In line with this objective, I will be proposing an amendment to item 85, which will allow for a full twelve-month pilot period. This extension is crucial to gather the necessary data for a comprehensive evaluation of the program's effectiveness. I view this amendment as a clarification and my hope is that it is acceptable to the author.

You can find the proposed amendment at the following link: ... 134508.pdf

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone for joining us on this journey, alongside the community, in bringing this essential tool to enhance public safety and strive towards making Austin the safest city it can possibly be.

Warm regards,

Council Member, District 6