10/13 - Item 39, Concrete Pouring IFC

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10/13 - Item 39, Concrete Pouring IFC

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Below are the responses to questions that CM Tovo raised related to Item 39--

1) Currently, when does this contractor need to stop pouring concrete for the night?

The current required stop time for concrete pouring is 7pm. However, HEB has not been pouring concrete past 5:30pm to date for this project.

2) How many concrete pours does HEB intend to have during this time period between December 5, 2022 and April 5, 2023? For approximately how many hours will each concrete pour last?

HEB is expecting 27 overnight pours lasting approximately 5-6 hours each.

3) The resolution noted that "there is coordination with affected residents." Please identify which community groups, neighborhood associations, and residents (in terms of general location) were contacted about this proposed change.

On September 16th HEB block walked gift baskets taped with printed invitations to all fence line neighbors to the construction site (on Euclid Avenue) inviting them to an in-person construction information meeting on September 21st at the onsite construction trailer. A zoom link was also provided on the invite for neighbors that may be traveling. SpawGlass subsequently visited in person with 1 neighbor that was traveling on September 27th to re-present the information and answer her questions.

4)Council Member Renteria indicated that affected residents will receive a $300 gift card. Will that amount be per pour? Which residents received this offer? Is there a signed agreement with neighbors?

Yes, the VISA gift cards will be given per pour. Residents along the property fence line on Euclid Avenue received this offer. There is no signed agreement. Residents will “sign-out” their gift cards upon receipt from SpawGlass.

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