License Plate Reader Resolution - Version 2

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Mackenzie Kelly
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License Plate Reader Resolution - Version 2

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Thank you all for your input over the last few weeks regarding the license plate reader program. I am proposing version two of the license plate reader resolution (item #56 on this week's council agenda) after reviewing your feedback and responding to concerns related to the item. I have incorporated amendments from both Mayor Adler and Council member Kitchen.

I'd like to invite additional co-sponsors and I look forward to the discussion.

Version two can be read here: ... 102216.pdf

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Council Member, District 6
Steve Adler
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Re: License Plate Reader Resolution - Version 2

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Here is the list I went over at work session as being the issues that have come up and been discussed:

• Commercial vs. Self-Generated Data:
o Does APD primarily rely on commercially available data?
o Is commercially available data something that APD would be able not to share (or turn over to ICE or the State since we don’t own it and it’s otherwise available to them)?
o If we’re primarily relying on commercial data, can we limit the number of cameras to a couple fixed permanently on I-35 with a couple more that can be strategically used in specific investigations in cars or placed in locations?
o Are there greater protections from possible abuse, and greater tool efficacy, if the collected data is combined with or separated from the commercially obtained data?

• Which crimes can be investigated with LPR data?
o Felonies
o Class A misdemeanors?

• Retention of data
o Strikes are held while the investigation is pending
o All other data disposed of after 14 day? 3 minutes? Something in between?

• Sunsetting the pilot at the end of year, pending Council re-authorization

• Audit considerations
o Who does? How often? Auditor office, every six months?
o Audit what?
 Who used? How often? For what?
 Section 7 of Chito's substitute motion?

• Individual verification prior to action (so as to minimize mistaken stops, etc)

• Suspend data collection if it is requested by state or ICE, etc.?
o …or is this unnecessary if we’re primarily using commercial data and the retention period is relatively short?

• Policy/general order changes – What changes are needed?