10/17 Council CodeNEXT discussion

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Steve Adler
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10/17 Council CodeNEXT discussion

Post by Steve Adler » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:29 pm


The Mayor Pro Tem and I recommend that we get a CodeNext briefing on Transportation (23-9) and Subdivision (23-5) at next Tuesday’s work session (after lunch time when staff is available), in lieu of a special called meeting on Wednesday. Presentations will be distributed by the end of the day tomorrow to minimize presentation time and maximize discussion.

We’ll continue with outstanding questions on Administration and Procedures chapter (23-2) at the next possible opportunity when our consultants are back in town, looking like the week of the 23rd.

Mayor Pro Tem Tovo and I will develop a proposed outline for future Council CodeNEXT discussions. On new topics, we’ll prioritize discussion time and minimize presentation time (while allowing our staff and consultants to quickly and efficiently lay out information on sections of the code that we have yet to discussed in depth so that we are all operating with the same baseline of information). Topics on which we’ve already been briefed (Affordable Housing, Administration and Procedures, Compatibility, and Water Quality, etc) can return diving right into detailed questions and discussion.
Thank you all for your commitment to this important issue.