Gun violence

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Ann Kitchen
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Gun violence

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I am proposing to bring a "trigger ordnance" to prohibit semi-automatic rifles sales to anyone under 21. This ordinance would have an effective date some number of days after the repeal of any state laws that preempt local regulation of firearm sales. In terms of its effective date, this ordinance would be modelled after Texas’ abortion “trigger” law.

While there is more that we need to do as a city - I believe this would be a basic and important step this Council could take to address gun violence.

I applaud the work of my colleagues, particularly MPT Alter, in bringing the most recent resolutions related to gun violence, particularly 20220616-091 to explore options to address the sale of firearms to anyone under age 21. I hope to work with the MPT, as well as my colleagues on bringing this resolution and invite everyone to participate.

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Ann Kitchen
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Ann Kitchen
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Paige Ellis
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Re: Gun violence

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Thank you, CM Kitchen.

I would like to cosponsor and collaborate on this resolution. I have a few ideas that may work well in an IFC of this nature given the work I've done on this topic as well. I look forward to working with you both.

Paige Ellis
Paige Ellis
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Vanessa Fuentes
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Re: Gun violence

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Thank you, CM Kitchen, MPT Alter, and CM Ellis, for your continued work on this important issue. I would also like to co-sponsor this item.

Yours in community,
Council Member, District 2
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