Text of VMU Amendments

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Text of VMU Amendments

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I appreciated the discussion today on looking at compatibility and parking more broadly than just on our core transit corridors. These changes are badly needed. However, the VMU2 item is before us and ready for action, and we should not miss the opportunity to add both market rate and affordable housing to our major corridors.

Our VMU program has already generated 5379 market rate units and 540 units of affordable housing since its inception. Staff is familiar with this program and knows how to administer it. Expanding a successful program makes a lot of sense. With the explosion in housing prices, we must act with a sense of urgency.

VMU-zoned sites on our core transit corridors are the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to building housing. Parking requirements and compatibility-triggered height limits make most VMU sites unworkable. Staff analysis of the current proposal found it only allows extra height on a third of eligible properties.

In order to maximize housing along our core transit corridors, I offer the following amendments to VMU2, the texts of which are linked below. I look forward to continuing the discussion on Thursday.


Amendment 1: bit.ly/VMU2amend1

No height limits from compatibility on VMU.

Amendment 2: bit.ly/VMU2amend2

No parking requirements except for ADA required parking on VMU.