Postponement of Item #51 VMU2

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Postponement of Item #51 VMU2

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This post is to provide the public (and my colleagues) an awareness of the intent to postpone Item #51 (VMU2)

As I stated at the Council work session today - I have requested and staff has agreed to a postponement of Item #51 (VMU2) to April 21st.
This item is not on the consent agenda and the postponement will be voted on when the item comes up. As the Mayor stated today - testimony on the item on Thursday is only on the postponement - testimony on the substance will be taken on April 21st.

I also intend to propose amendments to the ordinance related to on-site affordable housing as well as written notification and protest rights. I also look forward to a discussion of the affordability levels, and am thinking we may request higher levels of affordability/lower MFI.

Best Regards and thank you to the Planning Commission for their efforts to date to expand affordable housing options.

Ann Kitchen
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Ann Kitchen
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