3/24/2022 Innovation IFC

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Mackenzie Kelly
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3/24/2022 Innovation IFC

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Austin is a city of innovation and a global leader in technology. This is why leaders from across the world come to Austin to invest in what is on the horizon in areas of technology and innovation.

My resolution for the March 24th City Council agenda directs the City Manager to investigate possible uses of cryptocurrency and technology to benefit the city and its residents. It is a largely exploratory resolution that allows City Staff to conduct needed research without committing to cryptocurrency at the City of Austin.

This resolution asks the City Manager to come back with a fact-finding study of an analysis of what would be required for the city to accept a payment of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and possible ways for the city to use those funds to address public service needs including an analysis of financial stability and security of cryptocurrency.

I want to thank my co-sponsors: Mayor Adler, Councilmember Kitchen, and Councilmember Fuentes for their vision for the city's use of cryptocurrency. I invite my colleagues to join in co-sponsorship of this first-of-its-kind fact-finding resolution.

The resolution is available here for review: http://assets.austintexas.gov/austincou ... 154643.pdf

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Council Member, District 6
Steve Adler
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Re: 3/24/2022 Innovation IFC

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Thank you, CM Kelly, for bringing this resolution forward and inviting me to cosponsor.

I am also bringing a resolution for the March 24th Council Meeting to explore how Austin can help create an environment that fosters creativity, diversity, and further innovation in blockchain technology. I have invited Council Members Kelly, Vela, Ellis, and Harper-Madison to cosponsor this resolution.

http://assets.austintexas.gov/austincou ... 171450.pdf