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Item 62 motion sheet

Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2021 9:33 am
by Louisa Brinsmade
On behalf of Council Member Pool:


I am offering an amendment on item 62 to capture the concepts that I laid out at the work session.

Mayor Pro Tem, I appreciate the receptiveness that you expressed at the work session to looking at this housing cost issue with our natural resources and other priorities in mind.

I am asking, therefore, that our staff provide an analysis of our regulations and fees that provide for the open space, parkland, water quality, stormwater and transportation infrastructure we require for a healthy city.

I hope I have the support of the dais on this amendment to take all of our priorities and values into account as we look at housing production cost so we can make transparent choices.

Motion Sheet: ... 093152.pdf

I look forward to the discussion.