Item 64 - amendment

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Item 64 - amendment

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Please see the attached amendment for Item 64. I hope these additional provisions for staff's consideration will be seen as friendly.

1. A property with an existing non-paved driveway or without off-street parking should not be required to alter those parking conditions for the primary residence in order to construct an ADU: Many older homes in East Austin do not have paved driveways, with some having no off-street parking at all. Ensuring these residences can grandfather their existing parking situations will be important for limiting the need to add unnecessary impervious cover and to reduce costs for homeowners when constructing an ADU.

2. An ADU should be allowed on “substandard” lots (less than 5,750 sf) as long as existing impervious cover standards can be met: Many legally subdivided lots in older parts of the city are less than the current minimum lot size, with the majority of “substandard” lots being located in East Austin. In order to grant East Austin property owners the same opportunities to off-set rising housing costs by adding an ADU, it is imperative that we permit the construction of ADUs on “substandard” lots.

3. Parking requirements for ADUs within 1/4 mile of the Transit Priority Network should be eliminated: Reduce the need for additional impervious cover and reduce costs for ADUs constructed in proximity to frequent transit. The current ordinance eliminates parking requirement for ADU "within 1/4 mile of an activity corridor as identified in the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan that is also served by transit". This would align the existing ordinance with the adopted ASMP.

Amendment: ... 185517.pdf

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Natasha Harper-Madison
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