#46 - IFC about Remote Testimony and Participation

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Steve Adler
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#46 - IFC about Remote Testimony and Participation

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I have posted an item on the October 14 agenda, joined by co-sponsors Council Member Alter, Council Member Fuentes, Council Member Tovo, and Council Member Casar. The item can be found here http://www.austintexas.gov/department/c ... eg.htm#046

This IFC is a follow up to the two memos sent by the City Clerk on September 10, 2021. The resolution requests two things:

- For the City Manager to come back with budget amendments necessary to maintain virtual participation (for speakers and members) at both City Council Meetings and Board and Commission Meetings.
- For the City Clerk to come back with changes to Chapter 2-1 to help allow Boards and Commission Members to attend meetings remotely.

Let’s see what the detailed cost looks like and then make a decision.

Natasha Harper-Madison
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Re: #46 - IFC about Remote Testimony and Participation

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I wanted to say as much in this morning's portion of the meeting but had an unavoidable conflict. Thanks for your leadership on this critical item, it's been one of the silver linings to emerge during the pandemic and subsequent crisis having more residents have access to council proceedings. I very much support this item and look forward to joining your current supporters as a co-sponsor.

Natasha Harper-Madison
Council Member District 1
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