Council meetings this Fall

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Council meetings this Fall

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As we plan for Council Meetings this fall, we are planning with the expectation that the current Opens Meetings Waiver from the State will expire on Sept 1.

That means that starting with the September 2, 2021 Council meeting, all speakers will be in person. Council Members will still have the option of joining remotely or in person as long as the Chair of the meeting is in person.

Here is the current plan for speakers at the September 2 meeting, but I also think that we should discuss this topic at a future work session to gain consensus on how we want to handle speakers for the rest of this fall. We may need to make changes to our Procedures for Council Meetings document as we settle back into in person meetings.

Sept 2:
• All speakers will be in person
• Like before the pandemic, speakers will use the kiosks in the lobby for speaker sign up
• 10 am speakers would have to sign up by 9:45 am that Thursday, 2 pm speakers by 1:45 pm.
• Will take up speakers in batches like we have been doing during our remote meetings

Therefore, the format of speakers for Sept 2 will operate similar to what we have been doing for our remote meetings. But, we should, as a Council, revisit our procedures that we did prior to March 2020 - like speaker time donations, taking up speakers when we hear the item vs in batches, if we want to close speaker sign up the day before the meeting (this will depend on whether the technology could accommodate that at future meetings), and any other topics- to see how we would like proceed for the rest of the fall. I would like to add that topic to an upcoming Work Session agenda for discussion.