Special Called Joint Meeting on 1/19

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Special Called Joint Meeting on 1/19

Post by Steve Adler » Thu Jan 14, 2021 6:17 pm


As mentioned as the Briefing this week, City Council will join the Travis County Commissioners (remotely) for a COVID Briefing next Tues, January 19 at 9 am. Plan for this to last approximately 9 am – 12pm. The agenda will post Friday.

The County Commissioners regularly meet on Tuesday at 9 am, so City Council Members will join their meeting and receive the joint briefing.

Here is the proposed order of the meeting from the County:
•Travis County Commissioners Court called to order
•Austin City Council meeting called to order
•Public Comment per Travis County policy
•Briefing by Dr. Mark Escott
•Briefing by Director Stephanie Hayden
•Question & Answer – Please help us ensure the efficient use of Dr. Escott & Director Hayden’s time and manage the length of the briefing by limiting yourself to one question in the order below. If time permits, we will do a second round of questions.
o Travis County Commissioners Court by Precinct and then County Judge
o Austin City Council Members by District and then the City Mayor
o Closing of the City Council meeting by the City Mayor
o Closing of the Commissioners Court hearing by the County Judge

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